Digital health interventions made easy.

Semblie is an online platform that gives you the tools you need to build, deliver, and track digital health content such as health promotion interventions, decision aids, or educational information — no tech skills required.

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Semblie web application on a laptop, tablet, and phone

Semblie supports your digital health communication needs

Developing digital interventions can be hard. Health professionals and researchers don’t always have the technical knowledge, resources, or tools to build them.

Now, with Semblie, you and your colleagues can easily work together to build and deliver digital, web-based content to engage a variety of end users, including patients, research participants, and the public.

With Semblie, you can

  • Deliver digital health content including health promotion interventions, decision aids, or educational information anywhere with an internet connection;
  • Collect user input via a wide range of question formats; and
  • Target or tailor content based on individual health status, demographics, or user preferences


Create interactive, multimedia digital content or health communications.

With our easy-to-use, web-based Project Builder, you can add graphics, video, audio, charts, and interactive questions to your content.


Share digital interventions with specific predefined audiences.

The only thing people need to view your interactive content is access to the web. Semblie uses responsive design so users can view your content on any browser or device.

The information they get can be further customized based on their responses to a variety of question types.


Collect user input to monitor or evaluate the user’s digital experience.

With Semblie, you can view and export people’s responses from questions in your intervention using our Reports Dashboard.

Store your information securely

Semblie uses integrated security and encryption, so you can be confident that your content is secure. All Semblie users agree not to collect or store personally identifiable information. See the Semblie Terms of Use for more information.

Developed by health communication researchers

Semblie was developed by a team of researchers and public health practitioners at RTI International with funding from the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute (NC TraCS) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

"We created Semblie because the challenges we faced in creating digital health interventions inspired us to make a tool that others could use."

-- Megan Lewis, Semblie project lead

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